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Our Custom
Moon Cake Gift Boxes


No matter which flavour of mooncake you favour, our custom mooncake gift boxes are the ideal package that will transform your traditional celebration into a mouth watering affair. With mooncake gift boxes designed and created with love and care in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia, MIS ASIA is proud to be your one-stop-shop for custom made mooncake gift boxes.


Why settle for an average mooncake gift box when you can get one customized to your liking? Here at MIS Asia, we can customise and make each mooncake gift box design shown on our site display a hot stamp decal of your corporate logo or any other motif you wish to use.


Whether you’re sending your custom made mooncake gift box to your friends, or wish to share them with co-workers or impress guests at a Mid-Autumn Festival celebration, we are sure the mooncake gift boxes you choose from our online store will be the topic of conversation for years to come!


Custom Mooncake Gift Boxes That Are Rooted in Tradition

Mooncakes are a festive delicacy that is popular across different Asian cultures. Representing a profound tradition held deep in the hearts of all who celebrate it, the shape of the mooncake symbolises unity and togetherness within families. Moreover, the round shape of the mooncake mirrors the fullness of the harvest moon that lights up the night sky during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Quality Products, Outstanding Service

Across Malaysia and beyond, MIS is known for providing premium bespoke designs with high-quality materials at affordable price points. Our fast turnaround time plus a dedicated and passionate support team means you’ll get your order and whatever you need in a timely manner.


If you want to get started, our process is as simple as:

  1. Picking a design that you like from our catalogue.

  2. Sending us the logo or motif you want to include.

  3. Receiving our response with your artwork attached.

  4. Arranging and settle the payment.

Before long, your lovely custom mooncake gift box will be shipped and delivered to your doorstep, and ready for gifting and festive celebrations.

Contact us

Got any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact our team for assistance and we will be delighted to help you out.

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